15 Fat Cartoon Characters

Here is the list of fat cartoon characters that you perhaps know of. These cartoon characters are aired in different shows and are a combination of both male and female characters. If you are a cartoon lover, of course, you will bear witness that these are the best characters that you can ever watch.

They have different styles, with awesome quotes, and you will find them in memes across the internet. We have just done a brief description of each one of them so that you can skim through and get to know each one of them.


1. Patrick Star

This fictional cartoon character was designed by Stephen Hillenburg who is an animator and marine biologist. How old is Patrick Star? As we speak, Patrick Star is 36 and is a male cartoon character that has always featured in the American animated series, SpongeBob SquarePants. It is also one of the fat cartoon characters and also features in the SpongeBob movie.

2. Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is another fat cartoon character of the Animated American Sitcom Family Guy. His first appearance was in Death Has a Shadow, one of the best TV series in 1999. This fat fictional cartoon character is created and voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Of course, it is a male cartoon character and her spouse is Lois Griffin. His full name is Justin Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, Sr.

3. Homer Simpson

Another protagonist of the animated American Sitcom is none other than Homer Simpson. This guy is a fictional male cartoon character aged 39 as we speak. His first appearance on TV, The Tracey Ullman Show Short was in 1987. His full name is Homer Jay Simpson and was born in March 1956.

4. Fred Flintstone

This is another fat cartoon character who is a major character of the animated sitcom. Being a male character, he also appears in Bedrock fiction. He is married to Wilma Flintstone and with a child Pebbles Flintstone. They live in the town of Bedrock.

Both he and the wife became the first married couple to be aired on American Television while in the same bed. When it comes to age, he is 41 years old as we are speaking.

5. Chief Clancy Wiggum

Chief Wiggum is a male fictional character from The Simpsons animated television series. He is 43 years old and alive as we speak. He wears blue hair. He acts as a police chief in the Springfield show and is the father of Ralph Wiggum and married to Sarah Wiggum.

There are many questions about whether Ralph Wiggum is the son of Chief Wiggum, and that is a fact to clarify. He is an adored only son of the Chief and wife Sarah.

6. Ralph Wiggum

As we mentioned, he is the son of Police Chief Wiggum and also one of the fattest cartoon male characters. Unlike his father, he wears black hair and he is a student at Springfield elementary school. Ralph Wiggum is a recurring character in the Simpsons animated series that is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. He is one of the funniest cartoon characters with funny quotes and memes.

7. Mrs. Puff

She is a fat female cute cartoon character that features in the Nickelodeon animated TV series The SpongeBob SquarePants played by Mary Jo Catlett. Her first appearance was in the season one episode of the Boating School series in 1999. Mrs. Puff hates SpongeBob because of his reckless driving and whenever she sees SpongeBob outside school, she gets annoyed.

8. Mammy Two Shoes

Mammy Two Shoes is a female fat cartoon character that first appeared in the Puss Gets the Boot on February 10, 1940. She is a middle-aged African-American and a housemaid tasked with taking care of the house that Tom and Jerry reside in the MGM’s Tom and Jerry cartoons that are played by Nicole Oliver.

Mammy Two Shoes is thus an awesome fat cartoon character with awesome quotes and a heavy-set body.

9. Winnie the Pooh

Image: PNGEgg

Winnie the Pooh is a fat male bear cartoon character created by A. Milne. He has yellow fur on his body and is of good nature. His voice is soft and of quiet character. He wore a red t-shirt throughout the series. He was nicknamed Pooh Bear. His home was Hundred Acre Wood. He loved eating honey.

He behaved well though he is seen to be innocent. He was featured in television animated series called The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh of 1997. His first appearance was in 1924 as a character in a book known as When we were very young.

Winnie also appeared in the Welcome to Pooh Corners series of 1983-1986. Other appearance on television series includes My Friends Tiger and Pooh of 2010.

10. Pumbaa

Image: NicePGN

Pumbaa is a male warthog and a fictional cartoon character from the American animated series made by Walt Disney and was voiced by Ernie Sabella. His best friend was a meerkat named Timon who in the series was a character involved in misadventures. He had other friends like Bunga’s adopted uncle and Simba the adopted father.

His first appearance was in The Lion King of 1994. Pumbaa is a character that is kind, loves fun, and with a deep heart. He is also known to be a panicking character in the face of anything going against what was intended. He always makes thoughtful intentions to safeguard his future Lion’s Guard.

11. Eric Cartman

 Eric Cartman is an 8 year- old cartoon boy whose mother is Liane Cartman and his father was Jack Tenorman. He also had a girlfriend by the name of Heidi Turner. Stone and Parker saw him as aggressive, and arrogant and even described him as a little Archie Bunker. He has a half-brother named Scott Tenorman.

This character was designed by Matt Stones and played by Trey Parker, Kenny McCormick, and Stan Marsh. He is the main character in the American animated series known as South Park.

His first appearance was in the pilot episode of the South Park- Cartman Gets an Anal Probe of August 18, 1997. He has seen a social rival; none friend to anyone and self-centered.

12. Fat Albert

This is a teenage cartoon character in the company of his childhood teens created, produced, and hosted live by Bill Cosby a comedian. His funny stories were told by Billy Cosby which was later brought live on television series. His first appearance was in the American animated television Fat Albert and Cosby series which was voiced by Billy Cosby.

He is the main character and a protagonist of Albert and Cosby Kids Comedy. The main purpose of this show was based on remembrance of his childhood company.

13. Doc from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Image: PNGEgg

Doc is a pot-bellied male fictional cartoon character and a leader of the Seven dwarfs. He stammers yet is known to be the most reliable and in whom the Seven dwarfs seek guidance because of his intelligence. It was designed by Walt Disney, Fred Moore, and Bill Tytla and voiced by Roy Atwell who used the stammering act.

His first appearance was featured in American Animated Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie, and The Winged Scourge. His character is unique.

14. Carl Fredricksen

Image: Wiki Fandom.

Carl Fredricksen is an old widower cartoon character. He was aged 78 years. He was married to the late wife Ellie Fredricksen in whom he is bitter for the failure to complete his promise to her.

He is a stubborn character with limits in both temper and patience. He is also a protagonist in animated Disney films. His first appearance was Dug’s Special Mission which was released in 2009. His acts were played and voiced by Edward Asner. His dream was tying thousands of balloons to his house.

15. Garfield

Image: Wikipedia.

Garfield is a fictional male cartoon cat that was created by Jim Davis. His mother was Sonja and his father was John Arbuckle. His brother was Raoul and Odie was the family pet dog.

He is seen as a lazy fat cat who just loves eating and sleeping. He appeared in two animated American Comic Strip films but his first appearance was Garfield strip which and his actions were voiced by Scott Beach, Lorenzo Music, and Tom Smothers.