Top 10 Cute Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters have been known to bring joy to children and even adults. Parents are encouraged to allow their children to watch cartoon series. Children can learn how to be creative, humble, honest, and learn how to face some life challenges from these series. You will find that children will consider their favorite cartoon characters as role models even as they grow older. In the last decade, cartoon characters have changed a lot. New, colorful, unique, and exciting characters are now being created to attract viewers of all ages. We have listed some of the top 10 cute cartoon characters.

1. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is one of the top ten cute cartoon characters. He is a fictional cute fat teddy bear who speaks in a loveable manner. His friends call him ‘Pooh’ or ‘Pooh bear.’ He is loyal to his friends and always willingly gives help. He loves eating honey, which may be seen to symbolize that he is as sweet as it. Piglet, tiger, and Eeyore are other characters in this movie who are equally adorable.

2. Tweety Bird

Tweety Bird is an animated small yellow bird with a big head, making it a cute cartoon character. Tweety features in the Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes series. The name Tweety originates from the names sweetie and tweet. He appears as a sweet, innocent, soft-spoken, and calm little bird. Granny, the owner, and a bulldog Hector are very protective of Tweety and always try to keep her from harm from Sylvester, a cat. The audience is always hopeful for this bird’s survival and always thrilled when they succeed.

3. Pikachu

Pikachu is a fictional species of Pokemon; he is yellow, has mouse-like features, and electric abilities. He is very small, can sit on a human head and has red cheeks, thunder- bolt-shaped tail, and long ears. He features in the animated Pokemon series. Pikachu is more famous as a Pocket monster than all other characters in the series. He also has high speed and a high level of agility. Pikachu and other casts in the series are frequently pursued by members of an evil crime syndicate known.

4. Minions

It’s difficult to tell who the cutest among the three most famous minions are Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. They are cute cartoon characters who are cylindrical in shape, small and yellow, having one or two eyes. They feature in the series Despicable Me. They have a unique language and childlike behavior but still, appear very intelligent. They wear black gloves, metal goggles for the specific number of eyes, black boots, and overall blue jeans. In the series, they are shown to love apples, bananas, and potatoes too. They have a strong sense of humor as they find so many things funny.

5. Snoopy

Snoopy is an anthropomorphic beagle that is funny, loyal, good-natured, and imaginative. He has a large head with big ears, a big snout, and a small body. He is generally a happy dog, which angers other characters in the series. He features in all Peanuts movies and belongs to Charlie Brown. Snoopy can sometimes be lazy, selfish, and gluttonous, but most he shows care, love, and loyalty to his master. He imagines that he can speak but only makes nonverbal sounds, and, on most occasions, he only ‘woofs.

6. Jerry Mouse

Jerry mouse is one of the most famous and cute cartoon characters. He is a brown mute house mouse with white eyes, a black nose, whiskers, and eyebrows. He is strong as he is shown to lift larger items than his body size to use them against Tom, who is mostly his enemy. A version in the 1990s showed him wearing a bowtie with hair on his head with a kinder character.

7. Agnes

Agnes is not only adorable but also one of the top cute cartoon characters I have ever seen. She is the youngest of the three adopted daughters of Gru and Lucy. Agnes features in all films of Despicable Me and other mini-movies. Agnes has dark brown eyes and long black hair tied in a ponytail by a red scrunchie. Mostly Agnes is in white sneakers, blue overalls, and a t-shirt that is striped in brown and yellow. She is a naive, innocent, and sweet child, which makes her very loveable by Gru. She appears immature and is obsessed with unicorns, and wears a beautiful unicorn dress on her birthday.

8. Bubbles

‘Bubbles’ is featured in the Powerpuff Girls television series. She has her blond hair held in two pigtails; and is dressed in a blue dress, black belt, and white socks. She is not only cute but also hardcore. She feels the series with laughter and joy. ‘Bubbles’ is also shy, kind, and an animal lover. However much naïve she looks when she gets mad, she turns to a hardcore. She can speak in Japanese, Spanish and also to animals. ‘Bubbles’ is a role model for young girls as they recognize they can defend themselves even at their young age.

9. Pluto the Pup

Pluto is yellow-orange, has long black ears, short hair, and a medium-sized mixed-breed dog. He is among the six best stars in Disney world. Pluto is animated and thus does not speak, unlike other characters in the Mickey Mouse series. He is a loyal dog to Mickey and always has everything provided by his master. Pluto is a well-trained dog with a strong sense of smell and can find anything using his nose. Pluto is very intelligent, even though he has childish behaviors.

10. Eric

If you love penguins, then you will find Eric, who is a male baby penguin, and the main character in Happy Feet Two movie very cute. He has blue eyes and wears a bowtie. His parents are Gloria and Mumble. Being naturally shy, he avoids participating in penguin dances. He gets into a new adventure, which makes him confident to be able to realize his talents.  He views his dad as a hero too.