Funny Looking Cartoon Characters

Cartoons are a form of art that can be seen all over the world today. The term “cartoonist” is used to depict someone who creates cartoons. There are many different jobs in the cartoonists’ industry such as animators, illustrators, and writers.

One of the most important aspects of a cartoon is its characters. Characters can be either hand-drawn or digitally created and they play an important role in shaping the image and emotions of a cartoon.

A particular challenge for animators or digital artists is to create a character that is both funny-looking and cute at the same time. One way to do this is by making use of their skills to exaggerate certain features on a character’s face so it will look funny while enhancing its cuteness at the same

Cartoons and comics have always been a great source of humor for both children and adults. These days, there is a huge demand for this type of content with funnier looking cartoon characters. A lot of people love to watch animated videos with such characters.


Funny Looking Female Cartoon Characters

The following are female cartoon characters who are considered to be some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Ginger from “Zootopia”

She is a female cartoon character with a large head and body and a tiny carrot-like nose.

Although she is small, she has an enormous personality that’s sure to brighten up any scene.

The penguin in “Happy Feet Two”

This is also a female cartoon character with an overly large head and tiny body. She has no feathers on her body at all! What she does have is bright pink eyelids and a pair of black eyes which make her look like a drunkard.

Pippi Longstocking

She is a Swedish fictional character created by author Astrid Lindgren. She is an adventurous girl who lives with her adoptive parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nilsson, in Villa Villekulla near the village of Mårbacka in Högalid, Stockholm County.


She was the daughter of Powhatan, the chief of a tribe in Virginia when English settlers arrived there to settle Jamestown in 1607. Her real name was Matoaka but she was known as Pocahontas after her father’s nickname for her which meant “little wanton”. She had an arranged marriage with John Rolfe but converted to Christianity and married him instead.

Funny Looking Male Cartoon Characters

This is a list of funny looking male cartoon characters. They have been a part of our lives for a while now. These funny-looking male cartoon characters have been around for a while and we cannot get enough of them.

Roger from Family Guy

Roger is the most successful of these characters. He is the family’s pet dog. Most of his dialogue is just him barking at someone or something, but he has had more than one speaking part.

Peter from Family Guy

Peter is the next best of these characters. He has a strong, loud voice and he has a tendency to yell when angry or frustrated. Peter’s dad is Quagmire, who lives in Cleveland with his three wives, two sons, and one daughter.

Homer from The Simpsons

Homer is the lovable father of the Simpson family and is always up for a beer. He is one of the most famous characters in TV history and he has been a part of The Simpsons family since 1987.

Homer’s full name is Homer Jay Simpson, which was given to him by his mother after she saw actor George C. Scott appear on an episode of the General Electric Theater TV series.

Homer was born on May 12th, 1951 and he made his first appearance as a baby on October 17th, 1987 in episode 1 of The Simpsons called “Simpsons Roasting on An Open Fire”. In this first episode, Homer has problems with his father because he wants him to move out of the house.

Michael from Bob’s Burgers

Michael is a middle-aged man who has worked at Bob’s Burgers since he was 14. He spends most of his day cooking the burgers and doing the dishes.

He is usually in an apron, black pants, a white shirt, and an orange tie. He also wears glasses, but they are seen when he takes them off. His hair is brown and he often has droplets of sweat on his forehead due to how hot it is in the kitchen all day.

The other cartoon characters that are famous because of their funny appearance include:

  1. The Simpsons
  2. Ren and Stimpy
  3. The Flintstones
  4. Spongebob Squarepants
  5. The Jetsons

However, there are many other weird-looking cartoon characters that aren’t as well known. Here are just some of them:

  1. Lexi Bunny
  2. Emoji Movie – Gene
  3. The Simpsons – Poochie
  4. The Snorks – Snorky
  5. Teen Titans Go! Movie – Hot Dog Boy

Funny Looking Animal Cartoon Characters

Funny-looking animal cartoon characters are popular because they are cute, friendly, and entertaining. Just to mention, these characters include:

  1. Mickey Mouse – the original funny animal. He first appeared in 1928.
  2. Bugs Bunny – he first appeared in 1940.
  3. Daffy Duck – he first appeared in 1937.
  4. Elmer Fudd – he first appeared in 1941.
  5. Tweety Bird – he first appeared in 1942

The above are just but a few examples of funny-looking cartoon characters that we found. You may perhaps know most of them that we have not mentioned. If this is helpful, you can share it with your friends who also love cartoons.