10 Black Anime Characters in 2021

Anime is a Japanese word that describes a computer animation and hand-drawn character. Anime characters are colorful, vibrant and often are in action-filled films. Due to their nature of sexuality, violence and crude humor, anime characters were mainly considered adult content. With time anime characters have evolved to influence teens and kids too. Black anime characters have dark skin and different hair colors and textures ranging from afro, dreadlocks, braids and curls. Black anime characters have especially been an appeal to the black community filling an initially void space. Below is a list of some interesting 10 black anime characters without any particular ranking.


Bob Makihara

Image Credits: Facebook: Anime Fans Bulgaria

Bob Makihira is a black anime character who is muscularly built, has long dreads, brown skin and blue eyes. He is mostly referred to as ‘the foreigner’ by his crew as he originates from South Africa. At only fifteen years, he is one of the strongest characters in the Manga and Tenjou Tenge anime series. He studies in Toudou academy and particularly enjoys fighting in Junken club where he is a member. He, however, is seen to doubt his abilities and also the training from Maya. Besides that, his father served in the army, a lot of information about his life is a mystery.

Afro Samurai

Image Credits: Afro Samurai Wiki- Fandom

Afro Samurai, a character developed in the year 2000 is undeniably among the top ten black anime characters. He watches his father being killed and grows up with intentions of avenging him. Due to the flashbacks of the ordeal, he grows up as a solemn character. With Ninja Ninja’s help, he uses his expert skills to revenge on the Samurais who are the killers of his father. This series has a theme that shows rising from grass to grace.


Image Credits: Black Girl Nerds

Edward appears in the Manga series, Fullmetal Alchemist as an insane hacker brainchild. He is very short and has long golden hair parted in the middle and hanging down his shoulders. He is socially awkward, displays immaturity and selfishness but is a genius. He is seen as the youngest member in his crew, but even when he gets on everyone’s nerve, he is able to save the group from harm. It’s when he hacks Jets ship Bepop and Spike that he wins the heart of his crew members.

Muhammed Avdol

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Muhammed Avdol is a character who appears in Jojos Bizarre adventure anime series, Stardust Crusaders. He is a black anime character who is skillful and has special combat techniques. He is Egyptian and mostly adore in Egyptian attire. He has brown eyes and short thick dreads. He is loyal, a great fighter and is fully aware of his enemies and environment. With his ability to see the future, he gives caution to his group during travel.

Yoruichi Shihouin

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Yoruichi Shihouini appears in the anime series, Bleach. She is slender, and of average height, has golden eyes and a long purple ponytailed hair. She is a witty and intelligent woman with a vast knowledge of the Soul society. She begins as an ordinary citizen then grows to Gotei-13 most powerful captain. Hundreds of individuals look up to her. She later abandons her job to work in the human world at Tessai Tsukabishi and Kisuke Urahara. Unlike any other Shinigami, she has the ability to transform into a black cat for a long period. Yoruichi is seen to delight at transforming in front of people to see their shocked reactions.

Jet Black

Image Credits: Cowboy Bebop Wiki Fandom

Jet black is a mature, austere and wise senior member of the Bebop. He earned his nickname ’black dog’ since he was very tenacious while chasing criminals and when he bites, he never lets go. He is seen as a father figure but dislikes being considered as that by his crew. He is patient with his crew and advises them. Jet is also a lover of music, particularly blues and jazz.

Atsuko Jackson

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Atsuko Jackson featured in Michiko to Hatchin is among the best 10 black anime characters. Atsuko is a Latin police officer. Michiko, who often calls her “Jambo’ is a rogue prisoner who lived with her in the same orphanage. Atsuko is tasked with tracing Michiko who escapes prison. In the series, Atsuko has mixed feelings for Michiko as she helps him even as she tries to turn him in.


Piccolo is one of the most popular black anime characters and appears in Dragon Ball. He first appears as very tall and with solid facial features. He is at first an antagonist but grows to win the hearts of many anime lovers. Piccolos father, the king, reincarnated through him by spiting a green egg before his death. Piccolo is seen to be very grumpy, stern and anti-social. However, he is very tactical, and through his opponent’s weaknesses and skills, he can devise strategies to emerge victoriously. He is as violent as his father but later transitions from the anti-hero to the hero eventually.


Canary is one of the best black anime characters for young girls to watch from the Hunter × Hunter.  She is a young tough teenager who is kick ass. She acts as a bodyguard for the Zoldyck family, which is a family of assassins. Canary is very loyal and great in combat but can also be very caring and gentle. She has a rod which she always carries as a weapon.  In a few minutes, she can defeat intruders without breaking a sweat. This series can easily empower young girls as this character encourages them to be brave as young, they are.

Killer B

Killer B appears in the Naruto Shippuden Manga series. Killer B is a Kumogakure member and a host of the tailed beast. His wrestling style, swordsmanship and friendship with the tailed beast makes him a unique Shinobi. He is extremely proud of his power and can be quite cocky and stubborn and always demanding that others respect him. He is seen to enjoy bumping fist, admiring women breasts and rapping.

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