Top 15 Ugly Cartoon Characters

Every cartoon lover, especially children know that there is a wide range of cartoons and while some are cute, some are ugly. Both male and female, we are looking at the ugly cartoon characters that have aroused so much amusement and interest in the comedy and entertainment industry over time.


Beavis and Butthead

Image credits: Dribble

As the latter name suggest, it sounds an ugly name and so is the character. This is a series based on two unintelligent and delinquent couch potatoes. The two lack social skills and while at school, they cause a lot of fracases and at home, they just eat and watch.

Apart from being ugly, they are also dangerous and harmful to each other. They do not have any literacy skills and are looks like they are emotionless as well.

This American television animated series was created by Mike Judge. It features these two ugly cartoon characters that have no regard for each other, and without adult supervision.

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Image credits: NYT

Rocky and Bullwinkle is one of the oldest animated television series that feature these two lame cartoon characters. They are lame because they are ugly. The two characters are known for mocking humor and quality writing. Their puns target both adults and children.

It is one of the best animated television series featuring these cartoons that is also known as Rocky and His Friends.

Dr. Two Brains

Image credits: Pinterest

He is a male cartoon character and with an ugly pose. He wears many bad hats including being a mad scientist, cheese pillager, and a criminal. Dr. Two Brains can do anything criminal to get away with cheese. However, it is also interesting to watch him and his unquenchable appetite for cheese, and how he can turn building to get her cheese.

Peppermint Patty

Image credits: Wikipedia

This is a fictional character one of the ugliest cartoon girl to watch. She is one of the stubborn characters when it comes to taking counsel and when she finds herself in embarrassing situations, she scapegoats on others who give her counsel.

Peppermint Patty is known for her ignorance on the obvious and basic concepts that seems to be known by everyone. It is an interesting that she didn’t even know that Snoopy is and she thought it was a funny looking kid with a big nose, little did she know it was actually a dog.

Mr. Mackey

Image credits: South Park Archives

Mr. Mackey is an odd looking fellow. His head is unproportioned and speaks with a Southern accent always mumbling ‘M’kay.’ Though he looks odd and ugly in his physical appearance, he is considered wise by his counsel to the children. He is an interesting fellow and is believed to be 40 years of age.

Squidward tentacles

Image credits: Pinterest

Squidward tentacles is a pretentious and ill-tempered character in the Nickelodeon animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. He portrays a pretentious personality towards his two neighbors. The neighbor’s noisy behavior is what makes him feel bad but he pretends or but the neighbors see him as a good friend.

Edna Mode

Image credits: Pixar Wiki

She is a fictional girl character that features in The Incredibles. It was created and voiced by Brad Bird. She wears funny and extravagant costumes and got a dislike for superheroes who feel like dominating her space.

She loves attracting all the attention by herself and always want to be ahead in regards to fashion and trends. She is startling in her looks but some refer to her as an ugly cartoon character girl.


Image credits: Wikipedia

He is an ugly male cartoon character with a stooping posture. He wears patched robe and looks ugly with rotten teeth. His character and personality also match the outer appearance. He can pretend to be friendly when only he has something to benefit from, or even to steal.

The other side of him is that he is a coward by design. He can easily flee upon sensing danger or anything that may inflict him some pain.

Sideshow Bob

Image credits: Pinterest

Dictionary refers to him as a fictional clown. He is just one of the ugly cartoon characters that features on The Simpsons, an animated television show. As per his character, he is also referred to as the member of the republican party, and a self-proclaimed genius.

Mr. Crocker

Image credits: PNGio

His full name is Mr. Denzel Quincy Croker and an antagonist in the Nickelodeon cartoon series. He is an ugly cartoon character but an intelligent and interesting cartoon to watch. His antagonistic nature is portrayed in his believe that fairies exist, as contrary to what others believe.

He has even gone to a point of developing a device that can detect fairies and magic. Though he hasn’t managed to capture fairies as a proof, he is so mad at everyone to the point that he takes pride in giving his students a fail.

Olive Oyl

Image Credits: Twitter

You have probably watched the ugly cartoon shows and if you haven’t finished if you haven’t watched the animated cartoons by Fleischer Studios. This is where Olive Oyl features.

The ugly part comes in appearance where she wears more hair, and wider eyes. The appearance is what make people think she is an ugly cartoon girl.

Her character or personality also goes hand in hand with her appearance. She is always absent minded, selfish, foolish, and short-tempered.

Wile E. Coyote

Image Credits: Pinterest

This is one of the cartoon characters from the Loney Tunes, and Merrie Melodies.

Wile E. Coyote is portrayed as a hungry character that has been on the run for food. He’s always been trying to catch and eat Road Runner, a co-cartoon character, and that has been the aim for up to 50 years.

Ren & Stimpy

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Ren & Stimpy features on television series of animated series created by Jonh Kricfalusi. Ren is portrayed as emotional, scrawny, and unstable while Stimpy is good-natured, and a dim-witted character. Their appearance is perhaps what makes them goofy looking cartoon characters.

Hebert the Pervert

Image Credits: Twitter

Hebert the Pervert is one of the fictional characters in the TV animated show, Family Guy. It was created by Mike Henry. As the name puts, the pervert, and being an elderly man in a baby blue bathrobe, you will probably find him in the ugly cartoon characters pictures across the web.

Toot Braunstein

Image Credits: PNGkits

She is a girl cartoon character with suicidal personality. She is also alcoholic, and with uncontrolled eating behavior. As you may watch in the shows, she lives a fantasy life and boasts of her imagination that all men want her. Of course, we cannot exhaust describing her but all we can say is that Toot Braunstein is one of the goofy looking characters.

Though in appearance, and perhaps in character, these are the ugliest cartoon characters with different personalities and characters.

You will come across all kinds of cartoon characters including fat cartoon characters, and the cute characters.