Top 10 Best Actors in The World That You Must Know

If you have never lured a mudfish from beneath the unsettled water, seduced a trout to strike your fly, or heard the scream of your drag as a stripper fought for your attention, you are oblivious of what you’ve been missing.

Nonetheless, there is some reprieve for you.

There isn’t any great movie without actors behind it. A thrilling movie will have to blend the rare skills of talented actors and exceptional production values to cause a bubble burst. The greatness of any movie is decided by the actors involved. 

And who are these top ten actors in the world?

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Age: 45

Country: United States

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Leonardo first went on stage at the age of five, performing on the children’s television stage show, Romper Room. 

However, his moment of fame would come in 1991 when he made a big-screen debut in a low budget horror film, Critters 3. It’s a film that introduced him to the movie world.

It is, however, his starring role in the Titanic 1997 that keeps h9im up with renowned actors. His starring role in the Titanic 1997 is his all-time hit, which earned him great fame.

But more than that, he also boasts of 4 Oscar nominations and other awards.

9. Bradley Cooper

Age: 45

Country: United States

Bradley Cooper
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Humor is undeniably our saving grace during those dull moments. Much as it keeps us entertained, it also keeps our psychological health on a check. 

There hasn’t been a man that has been able to serve comedy in its raw form while remaining humorous and educative than Bradley.

And if comedy were some isolated kingdom in a far-away rustic savannah, then Bradley would proudly sit on the throne. 

Bradley was born in in 1975 and has risen through the ranks to become one of the best-paid actors in the world. 

Named the most influential celebrity in 2015, Bradley is also among the 20 actors to have received the Emmy awards for three consecutive years. 

8. Robert Downey, Jr.

Age: 55

Country: United States

Robert Downey Jr.
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Robert has been in the industry for over four decades. Maybe it’s his extensive experience that puts his shoulders above the rest.

But aren’t there some other more experienced actors who have had little impact? 

Well, let’s say that Robert is an accomplished and talented actor who will undoubtedly make it to any list of the best actors. 

Robert made his debut in 1970, featuring in Pound. He was barely five years then. However, he hasn’t looked back since then.

His breakthrough came in 2007 when he played a role in the Zodiac. 

Consequently, the somewhat controversial actor has been ranked the best-paid actor in Hollywood three times by Forbes magazine.

7. Jerome Allen

Age: 47

Country: United States

Image Credits: Bleacher Report

Jerome Allan is the ideal definition of a gifted individual. The renowned American comedian wears different arms, making him one of the most celebrated celebrities in the film industry.

He’s that refined writer whose articles many are drooling for and a producer who has overseen several other breathtaking movies. 

The 1954 US-born is famous for his starring role in Seinfeld. Interestingly, Jerome did come up with his semi-fictional version for the movie.

If you thought he has much already under his sleeve, then you’re wrong. Jerome is also a standup comedian who was named the 12th greatest ever standup comedian in 2015.

6. Vin Diesel

Age: 52

Country: United States

Image Credits: The New York Times

California born American is a multi-talented actor who has many skills in his hands. Besides being an actor, the 1967 born award-winning star is also a prolific writer, flawless producer and a renowned film director.

One of the unique features about him is his deep voice which earned him a deal just at the age of 15. 

What makes him rank among the best in this field?

It has to be his deep voice and cunning character which have endeared him to most film lovers. He’s won several awards, some among them the Black Reed award for best actor and MTV base award for the best male performance. 

His massive role in the Fast and Furious made him ranked among the top-rated Hollywood actors.

5. Adam Sandler

Age: 53

Country: United States

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If there is ever a definition of an all-round artist, then Adam Sandler would easily fit the bill.

I mean, he does everything. If he isn’t behind the microphone with a powerful voice singing, then he is starring in prolific scenes. 

He doesn’t end at that. 

Once in a while, you will meet him on your screens performing breathtaking comedy or behind the scenes directing and producing award-winning films.

He shot into the limelight with the Saturday Night Life. He’s since taken leading roles in numerous films, and winning different awards as a result.

4. Tom Cruise

Age: 57

Country: United States

Image Credits: Vulture

Does he even need an introduction? I guess not.

But if you are meeting him for the first time, then do not worry. 

Tom started his acting career at the age of 19. His breakthrough came with the leading role he played in the Mission Impossible movie. 

He is a household name, having featured in many movies and won several awards. It is therefore not surprising at all to have his name as one of the most influential and successful Hollywood actors.

3. Thomas Jeffrey Hanks

Age: 63

Country: United States

Very few could hold a candle to Thomas Jeffrey. He’s taken up roles in dramas and comedies that have gone ahead to bag international awards. 

He first shot into the limelight with a leading role in the Movie Splash in 1984.

Besides that, he also found his way into many people’s hearts with his role in The Da Vinci Code. 

As a result of his outstanding work, he has been nominated for numerous coveted awards like the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. 

The highlight of his career, however, is the conferment of The Presidential Medal of Freedom by former US president Barack Obama. 

2. Chris Hemsworth

Age: 36

Country: Australia

You can’t mention the Kim Hyde in the Home and Away movie and fail to notice Chris. 

The Australian born actor was the starring actor in the movie which was first shot in 2004.

But hi9s breakthrough in the acting industry would later come in 2009 after he featured in Star Trek which was a 2009 Science Fiction movie. 

And if you a sworn lover of the Perfect Getaway thriller, then you must have meat Chris on that movie which got millions of people talking about its quality.

The 36-year-old is among the best paid Hollywood actors. Besides, he has established a massive online following, thanks to his sexy looks.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Age: 48

Country: United States

Maybe he is the SI unit of wrestling. I mean, you can’t mention Dwayne and fail to talk about wrestling. 

Dwayne, popularly known as The Rock, shit to fame with his wrestling antics that lasted for more close to a decade.

But more than getting himself into the ring, Dwayne is also a producer and a singer. 

It is an undeniable fact that the Rock is one of the best wrestlers to have ever graced the WWE. 

However, apart from wrestling, he’s also found solace in acting, starring in numerous award-winning movies.

His first successful role in the movie scene came in 2002 when he played a leading role in the Scorpion King.

He’s transformed from playing as a tough guy in the wrestling scene into a renowned movie star.

The Fast and Furious movie star was ranked 25 among the most powerful celebrities in the world.