Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World in 2021

A city that is considered clean is the one that has a proper waste management, housing, industry, and transportation plan in place. There should be proper architectural plans and drainage system to warrant a clean and organized city. In addition to that, a city that prioritizes clean energy would by far fit to be rated one of the cleanest cities in the world.

After thorugh research and comparisons, the top 10 cleanest cities that we found outstanding include the following:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

The long and hard journey towards zero pollution is one that Copenhagen has been on for over 15 years now. Their quest to keep their city clean is propelled by their keenness to breathe fresh air. Led by the Environment minister Troels Lund Poulsen, Copenhagen has been divided into different environmental zones with those getting more pollution receiving more attention.

What’s more, the city has put in place different measures to minimize air and environmental pollution. For example, all diesel vehicles, as well as industrial plants with furnaces, are required to have particle filters for less toxic emissions. Copenhagen authorities do a great job of not only keeping the streets clean but also go a long way to ensure that everyone here breathes fresh air.

  • Calgary, Canada

Of the seven cities in Canada, Calgary is one that stands out. While all other cities remain spotless, Calgary easily takes first place as the cleanest. Yes, the streets look dapper; the air feels crisp, but so is the water here. Visitors drink water from the taps freely without a worry in the world that they may be consuming polluted water.

With a population of close to a million people, the authorities in Calgary have established waste management systems to keep the city clean. This system includes an intricate and effective sewerage system and, among other factors, efficient waste removal and recycling.

  • Oslo, Norway

Despite having a good number of active industries, Oslo is one of the few cities in the world that has managed to contain emissions to maintain the best air quality. Its efficiency in managing waste is another thing that has helped earn this city a place on this list.

Wherever you go, be it the lush green parks, the beautiful gardens, the lakeside, or the sea sites, you will see nothing but tidy spaces. This, all thanks to excellent garbage disposal and waste management efforts.

  • Minneapolis, Minn.

The city of Minneapolis is ranked high among the top cleanest cities in America. It has the cleanest water, something that is a big deal considering the huge number of people that live and work here at any given time.

The presence of litter and illegal dumping on one’s property is something that can attract hefty fines or time in jail if found guilty. The people living here readily bear witness and express their joy in how well the city’s waste management system has improved.

  • Kobe,  Japan

Kobe, Japan, is better known for its high literacy and life expectancy rates. But could it be that the people here live longer and are much brighter because of the clean environment they share? Kobe city has a seamless sewerage system and another separate drainage system to keep the city from flooding in the event a storm occurs.

They’ve got the best waste management systems and a good network of roads that keep the traffic moving. This means less air and environmental pollution.  

  • Wellington, New Zealand

A remote city with a significantly lower population is what has contributed to how clean the air and the environment in Wellington is.  Being a city that sits right by the sea, New Zealand receives an influx of visitors at peak seasons throughout the year. Still, it remains spic and span because of its excellent garbage disposal systems.

Its museums, gardens, parks and roads look clean all the time. The air quality remains good too, thanks to the constant winds that blow through the city, clearing out all emissions.

  • Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is one picturesque city that appears too good to be true. You’ll get to learn about the history of the town, and if you observe closely, you’ll realize that the habits of the people living here is what contributes to its cleanliness.

The city s active in its quest to produce clean energy. The authorities here also promote the use of cleaner fuels for vehicles and home heating systems. It’s no wonder that besides being the cleanest, Helsinki is also one of the cities with the best air quality.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii

The cool breeze, colorful flowers and enchanting landscape is what comes to mind when you think of Honolulu. However, another thing that you will associate with this Hawaiian city is that it is as clean as no other city you’ve been to before.

The water here is naturally filtered by the volcanic rocks underground. The air quality isn’t as bad but is somewhat affected by volcanic smog, which, if unmonitored, could have adverse effects on human health.

  • Paris, France

France is one of the established cities in the world that can make bold statements when it comes to tourism, food, and fashion. Its popularity can be credited mainly to how clean the streets, landmarks, museums, and parks are here.

The traffic in France is well controlled, the roads are scrubbed daily, and there’s efficient waste disposal in place.

  1. Singapore

It may be one of the busiest and most advanced cities in Asia, but it also the cleanest. To maintain its high status as a top tier city, the government has strict laws to help support and keep the city spotless. You cannot uproot or cut down a tree without permission from the authorities. You will also be caught and arrested if you are found littering.

It turns out that keeping a whole city clean is a joint effort between the inhabitants and the governing bodies. The ten cities represented here have managed to work together to make theirs a clean and safe space for everyone. If looking for a clean city to visit on your next vacation or want to relocate any of these cities would be perfect for you.