10 Cartoon Characters with Red Hair

In the world of Cartoons, there are many different types. Some have red hair while others don’t have any at all! But no matter what type you prefer or how your child likes to get their entertainment fix, these character-based films will provide it for them in spades with strong messages about life’s most important lessons embedded within each storyline that teaches us something new.


Wilma Flintstone

Among the strongest characters in this gorgeous female cartoon character with red hair and an extremely charming character. She is married to Fred Flintstone who is well known as the caveman. They’re blessed with a beautiful little Pebble.

I find a very strong attraction to this animated series of Wilma Flintstone because of her strong stand in marriage and passion for the best family life with his husband. Sometimes it takes her criticizing him when one of his schemes becomes unsuccessful. I really loved the ridiculous nature of the Flintstone’s cars made of stones and wood and animal skins.

The Incredible Helen

Though she may appear as a laughable, at the same time horrible character in many cases; I found myself identifying with her and even cheering on how much courage it takes to be a bad-ass mom who becomes whatever is needed when dealing with crime head-on.

The superhero outlook of saving your family no matter what danger they’re involved makes this female lead worth reading about – especially if you want something that offers inspiration for true superheroes!

Jessica Rabbit

Sex lovers would cheer Jessica for her sexy and curvy figure with long beautiful red hair and a sexy voice. Jessica is seen as disloyal to her husband Roger Rabbit, and plans to provide false evidence to him. Her passion for sex leaves the audience wondering about her intentions.

Apart from the love of sex, Jessica is generous and brave… traits that have always kept me watching. The audience at the end finds themselves mouth and eyes wide opened because of the true nature of love that Jessica shows to her husband.

Brave Merida

The brave Merida is a pretty brave daughter of a King named Fergus. Her father loved her and never counsel nor correct her whenever she quarrels or makes conflicts with her mother Queen Elinor. She always tries to assure her mother that she must marry so as to ensure the continuity of King Fergus Kingdom.

The adventure nature of exploring the mountains would have it a routine for Merida and that she never had a passion for education that would in the end force her to marry a prince. The strong character in Merida is depicted when she resolved to rescue her mother from evil spells though she brought it to the family at first.

Ariel The Mermaid

As the name Mermaid goes through the prints, many would question their thoughts, “Why would Ariel becomes angry with her life?” Though she is depicted to be strong and courageous, the negative nature of stubbornness in her would clearly tell you she is King’s.

I loved how she expresses herself throughout the film without any fear and how she is always very optimistic and selfless. Ariel The Mermaid is my favorite cartoon who hates violence; any form of evil and who always stands her ground fighting hard to ensure her goals come true. The negative flip of Ariel’s film portrays her as not heeding her father’s orders and instructions.  


A number of times I watched the animated films of Anastasia which I listed among my favorite cartoon films, I find it thrilling with a lot of humor, sometimes worrying, and lesson center. Anastasia generally is seen as ugly and selfish and full of jealousy.

Envy towards her sister- Cinderella’s beauty is something comical and awkward because nothing defines one’s beauty other than the beholder’s eyes. The relationship and love for a baker seem unpredictable since her mother always intrudes on her desire to marry someone with money and not the poor.

Jenny Oliver and Company

Jenny Foxworth is a beautiful Disney princess portrayed as kind, gentle, caring, and of a good heart. She was left by her parents and therefore she felt so lonely that she gets a love for animals.

Her best animal friend was Oliver the kitten who was adopted from the streets. Love for this pet becomes very strong that she raised it as her own. Jenny is praised by many cartoon lovers not excluding me because of her admirable character.

Anna the Frozen

Most cartoon lovers would tell you a lot about this favorite cartoon film. Anna is the youngest daughter of Arendelle. She is from the king’s family. Despite the age, Anna could perform magic with her sister Elsa on the ice and snow.

These magic powers could control both of them from hurting themselves and maintain their connections. This is among the Disney films that entail a lot of comical and humor.  

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is a redhead with an insatiable appetite for adventure and discovery. She’s always on the go, but when she needs to take in all of her world around her or just be left alone so that others may share their stories –

Strawberry will find herself cozy at home enjoying some books by candle light (or even better yet) sleeping under moonlight!

The Wild Thornberrys

This is another piece of animated film displaying magical powers used by its characters- the number one character being Eliza (one of the daughters of Thornberry), whose parents are unknown.

This girl was made to host magical powers of conversing with animals. She made them friends, vows not to say who she was so as not to lose the power invested in her. Making animal friends later threw her in a mess.


These are the 10 cartoon characters with red hair that we have found. You may add more that you may know.

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