Top World CEO’s Who Have Resigned in 2020

In this year, we are seeing most of the influential world CEO’s resigning from their top posts. Some came as a shocker and some will take other roles of advisory as we shall see. Among the CEO’s that we have captured, all of them have had great impact in streamlining company operations that have seen their companies grow over time.

Microsoft- Bill Gates

Did you know that the world’s most renowned billionaire and the 2nd richest man in the world Bill Gates resigned? Many people are asking the questions:

  • Why did Bill Gates leave Microsoft?
  • Why did Bill Gates resign?
  • Does Bill Gates still run Microsoft?

We are going to answer the same as is the purpose of this post. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft together with the late Paul Allen. Since it was founded in 1975, Microsoft has seen tremendous growth and among the top shareholders is Bill Gates, with 1.36% stakes of the company.

Why resign?

This is what Bill Gates got to answer. “I have made this decision to step down from both public boards on which I serve – Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway – to dedicate more time to philanthropic priorities including global health and development, education, and my increasing engagement in tackling climate change,” Gates on LinkedIn.

“The leadership at the Berkshire companies and Microsoft has never been stronger, so the time is right to take this step.” Responds Bill Gates during the CNBC interview.

Walt Disney- Robert Allen Iger

It came as a shock that Robert Allen Iger, an icon that has helped most of the media industries to grow, is leaving Walt Disney as CEO. He became the CEO in 2005, and for now, he will remain as the executive chairman till the end of 2021. Bob Chapek will now come in as the new CEO.

Hulu- Randy Freer

Randy Freer, who has been Hulu Chief Executive Officer steps down. Hulu is a child company of Walt Disney acquired from NBC and Fox and is now taking full control of the company. His resignation as many would ask is due to the major restructuring that the company, Walt Disney who is now the parent is streaming down to.

Mastercard- Ajay Banga

By January, 2021, Mastercard CEO is expected to step down and Chief Product Officer Michael Miebach will take over from him.

Ajay Banga became Mastercard CEO in April 2010, and according to Reuters, Banga will take the new role as executive chairman. Since he took over, after the 2008-2009 financial crisis, he has been instrumental in streamlining the operations of the company that have seen it grew up the limits.