Why Was George Floyd Arrested, Killed, and Who Was He?

There have been unrests in the US following the killing of George Floyd, an American black man, by the Minneapolis police. It’s so disgusting to watch how the police officer knelt on his neck for up to eight minutes before he died.

Who is George Floyd? He was 46-year old and was born in North Carolina but lived in Houston, Texas, before moving to Minneapolis.

The video on how he was killed my Minneapolis police Derek Chauvin seems to have sparked the current state of affairs in the United States.

In the year 2007, George Floyd was charged with armed robbery, and sentenced for 5 years imprisonment in the year 2009 after which he moved to Minneapolis, where he worked as a truck driver.

Before his death, George Floyd worked as a guard at a restaurant in the city but had lost his job due to the ongoing pandemic.

As we know, his death has sparked a lot of tension in many states across the united states and other countries like Germany and United Kingdom among others. In the funeral, we saw people like Floyd Mayweather volunteered to cater for the funeral expenses, and Floyd buried in a gold casket. See the video below:

Who recorded the video of George Floyd?

According to Insider, a teenager, 17-year old, by the name Darnella Frazier. Could there have been many other related deaths that perhaps have not been recorded? The ongoing demonstrations across the world portrays an image of racial discrimination that has been ongoing for a long time.