What Caused Gas Explosion in Baltimore?

Gas explosion has ripped three houses in Baltimore where it has killed one person and injured many others. It is one of the major gas explosions to be have been witnessed, and as we speak, rescue operations are going on at the scene.

Baltimore fire fighters are working on the scene where multiple people have been trapped by this major explosion.

According to BaltimoreSun, Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. has responded through its spokesperson Richard Yost, and this is what the company says:

“We are on the scene and working closely with the fire department to make the situation safe,” Yost said. “Crews are working to turn off gas to the buildings in the immediate area. Once the gas is off we can begin to safely assess the situation including inspections of BGE equipment.”

What caused the explosion is not yet clear but could be the issue of leaky gas pipes.  While over half-a-million Baltimore residents use natural gas to heat homes, and to carry on their daily cooking among other functions, there have been frequent leaks on gas pipes, reported nearly each day.