Top 10 Short Love Quotes of 2021

Everyone wants to impress someone he/she loves through the use of words that touches the heart. Love quotes is not just about throwing them at the person for the purpose of mastery of the same but the main intention is to show your heart, touch his/her emotions or feelings, and to eventually win.

Love quotes come from different personalities and you will find some that are really touching to the heart till date. The importance of having the same quotes is to enrich your love life with your partner and to remove the monotony of your own quotes.

If you are not good and creative to come up with your love quotes that will touch him or her, you do not need to be plain. Here, you have the chance to grow your quotes about love and to enrich yourself for the same.

If you were looking for the best love quotes to impress the heart of your loved one; whether him or her, this is the best place to extract your quotes. The following is a list of the powerful quotes of love that we gathered from various sources. The love quotes here includes the following:

  1. As a heart can’t stay without a beat, I can’t stay without you.

This love quote brings an imagination that, if a heart cant miss a beat, your love is tied to each other and that it cannot happen without the other half.

  1. Your accommodation is in my heart forever. Don’t worry about rent because I already paid for you. (Love quote by Samwel Lover)
  2. I fall in love with you every time I see you.
  3. The first time I touched and you touched me, I knew from that day that you were meant for me forever.
  4. Without your love, I would not be having life.
  5. To love and be loved is the happiness that we have because we do. (Love quote by George Sand)
  6. It is only two times in life that I would want to be with you. It is now and forever.
  7. When I look into your eyes, I see the image of my soul.
  8. Every morning is worth getting up for when I have you my love.
  9. Life without love is like a tree that bears no fruit.

Being in love is something that spurs the good feeling of being around each other, encouraging each other, showering words of love for each other, and standing by each other in every challenge.

Therefore, these love quotes are meant to bind you together even if you are not going to utter them to your loved one, they will surely deposit something, some feeling of love in your heart whenever you see each other in the circle of love each dawn.