Top 10 Richest Clubs In The World That You Should Know

There isn’t any sport in the world with so much following than soccer. It has a cult-like following. 

Have you heard of Manchester United and Barcelona of Spain? 

They attract millions of fans across the world, some of whom throng the stadia to cheer their favourite players.

Nonetheless, what many people don’t know is that the vast fan base translates into massive revenue for clubs.

The English Premier League used to dominate the football rich list but has since fallen back. 

Take a look at the top ten richest clubs in the world.

10. Juventus – €459.7

When Cristiano Ronaldo put ink to paper in 2019 to cross from Real Madrid to Turin, the internet went up in a frenzy. 

The Guardian Newspaper reported that within 24 hours, approximately 520,000 shirts bearing Ronaldo’s name had been sold.

Portugal forward had won almost every trophy that was up for grabs. His move to Juventus was therefore expected to inspire the Old Lady to another Champions League trophy since 1996.

Nonetheless, that hasn’t been the case. 

Instead, the acquisition of Ronaldo has helped boost the coffers of the Italian giants. The most famous athlete in the world means greater brand visibility and high merchandise sales. 

Coupled with an eighth Serie win, Juventus grew their revenue by 17% last year.

9. Chelsea- €513.1m

Chelsea has remained a consistent side since the takeover by the billionaire Russian owner, Roman Abramovich. 

By being consistent, I mean both on the pitch and financial wise. 

In the last ten years, they have won the premier league, the FA Cup, the Europa League and the Champions League. 

It, therefore, means that they have kept their brand visibility up with the big boys, thus attracting top transfers across Europe. 

Additionally, they’ve had lucrative sponsorship deals which have continued to boosts their revenue streams. The loyal fan base has also kept the club afloat, buying merchandise and match day tickets

8. Tottenham Hotspur- €521.1 million

If you thought the rivalry in London ends up in the pitch, then you are damn wrong. 

A premier league match pitting Arsenal and Spurs christened the London derby, is one of the most-tense matches in England. 

However, while Arsenal boasts of a better head to head tallies against their North London rivals, the same couldn’t have been said of their financial strength a few years ago. 

The Gunners were ahead of their rivals.

Nonetheless, for the first time, Tottenham sits pretty well ahead of both Chelsea and Arsenal in terms of revenue.

It is their remarkable Champions League campaign which saw them increase their revenue by €92.8 million. 

7. Liverpool– €604.9m

Instead of going into survival mode when already so far behind on the scorecard, the Spaniard worked out the best way to get on the attack. 

He still believed. 

That was Rafael Benitez in 2005. His team had gone 0-3 down in the first half against AC Milan. 

And that was the last time The Reds lay their hands on the Champions League trophy before they lifted the fifth in 2019.

Perhaps that, with a second-place finish in the 2019 Premier League, boosted their revenue by 17%.

6. Manchester City- €610.6M

The Citizens have had a successful campaign over the last decade, winning a trophy at least every successive season.

They won the Premier League in 2019 and further clinched a domestic treble. However, that didn’t propel them upper the revenue ladder. 

Instead, they dropped one position from their previous ranking. It, however, remains the richest club in England, despite the drop in position. 

The Manchester-based club generated €610.6 million, recording a €42.2 million increase in revenue.

It is estimated they are likely to record an increase in revenue due to their new jersey deal with athletics brand, Puma. 

5. Paris Saint Germain

The Ligue 1 giants were one of the few teams to move up the ladder, securing the fifth position and registering €94.2 million increase in revenue.

The League 1 sensation wonder-kid Kylian Mbappe had a sterling campaign, thus making the French giants appeal more to the public.

However, PSG registered a considerable chunk of its revenue from commercial income. In a year when they had a disastrous UEFA Champions League campaign, they nonetheless registered an impressive €94.2 million increase in revenue.

4. Bayern Munich- €660.1m

Nothing changes much in position four. However, Bayern registers a robust increase in revenue to maintain a position they held the previous year. 

Maybe you have forgotten, but the Bavarians stomped to their 7th successive Bundesliga title. Their league dominance was one of the reasons they registered a massive increase in revenues. 

However, much of their income came from broadcast rights. 

Further, the fans played a significant role in driving up the club’s revenue. It is estimated that an average of 75,354 fans attends Bayern’s home matches. 

3. Manchester United- €711.5 million

United won the Europa League in 2017, and the hopes of millions of fans who had been accustomed to bagging trophies every season were reignited. 

It also marked their return to the prestigious football competition, the UEFA Champions League. 

Nonetheless, it is one of those short stories which sum up what was a disastrous season for the Red Devils. 

Consequently, as a result of awful performance, Jose Mourinho was shown the exit door. 

The dwindling performance did not, however, affect their financial standing. They remain England’s highest Revenue generating club. 

The club is, however, losing its ground as a financial powerhouse due to the inconsistent results on the pitch. 

2. Real Madrid- €757.3 million

Let’s admit it. 

Los Blancos had an awful 2018/2019 season. They lost their star in Cristiano Ronaldo.

They performed dismally on the pitch, finishing 3rd in the La Liga. They were also dumped out of the Champions League in the Round of 16.

As a result, they only registered a disappointing €6.4 million increase in revenue generated.

They, however, remain the second richest club in the world, trailing their domestic rivals, Barcelona.

1. Barcelona- €840.8 million

Never before had the Catalans topped the revenue generation charts. They won the La Liga but were unceremoniously dumped out of the Champions League.

That didn’t stop them from overtaking Madrid to become the richest club in the world. 

They have become the first club to register more than €800 million in a year in revenue. The recorded a 10% increase in revenue generated to become the richest football club in the world. 

We can’t end this revenue increase debate without mentioning one man who has continued to raise the brand visibility of Barcelona.

Part of the steady growth in revenue collection can be attributed to the football genius, Lionel Messi. 

And who doesn’t know him, anyway!