Maine: A Treasure Trove of Surprising Facts and Unique Features


Welcome to Maine: A State of Beauty and Adventure

Located in the northeastern part of the United States, Maine is a state that often gets overlooked by travelers, but it’s a hidden gem worth exploring. Known for its stunning coastline, vast forests, abundant wildlife, and unique culture, Maine offers visitors a plethora of exciting activities and experiences.

A Brief Overview of Maine as a State

Maine is the 41st most populous state in the US but ranks 39th in terms of total area. Its capital city is Augusta, and its largest city is Portland. The state was admitted to the Union on March 15th, 1820 as part of the Missouri Compromise and has grown to become an important hub for commerce due to its strategic location as a gateway to Canada and maritime trade routes.

Despite being one of the smallest states geographically, what makes Maine stand out is its diverse landscape ranging from rolling hills in Aroostook County to rugged coastal cliffs along Acadia National Park. The state has over 6 thousand lakes and ponds making it one of the best destinations for those seeking outdoor recreation such as fishing or boating.

Maine’s Unique Features and Attractions

One reason why people love visiting Maine is because it offers something for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate Acadia National Park’s magnificent scenery which comprises about half of Mount Desert Island with hiking trails that lead up Cadillac Mountain -the highest point on America’s eastern seaboard.

Avid foodies will enjoy sampling some seafood delicacies like lobster rolls or clam chowder while sipping local craft beer or wine. If you’re looking for history-rich towns with Victorian architecture or quirky art galleries showcasing modern sculptures made by local artists like Alan Magee or Dahlov Ipcar you won’t be disappointed.

The state also has a rich maritime heritage with over 5,000 shipwrecks along its rocky coastline and museums and lighthouses that tell tales of bygone eras. Whether you’re seeking adventure or some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Maine is a perfect destination for you.

Its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and friendly people will leave you captivated and wanting more. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and let’s explore all that this state has to offer!


Maine is the Easternmost State in the US

Did you know that Maine is the easternmost state in the United States? That’s right! The state of Maine is located in the northeastern part of the country and borders Canada to its north and east.

It’s not surprising then, that Maine was one of the first states to see sunrise every day. In fact, visitors can watch a beautiful sunrise from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, which is located on Mount Desert Island.

The Coastline of Maine is Longer than California’s

Maine has some of the most picturesque coastline views in America. And did you know that it has more coastline than any other state except for Alaska?

That’s right – with 3,478 miles of coastline, Maine beats even California by over 300 miles! With so much coastline to explore, visitors can enjoy everything from sandy beaches and rocky shores to quaint seaside towns and working fishing villages.

Mount Katahdin is the Highest Point in Maine

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, then you may already be familiar with Mount Katahdin. Located in Baxter State Park, this mountain is not only beautiful, but it also happens to be the highest point in Maine at 5,269 feet above sea level. The mountain features both challenging hikes and easier trails for all levels of experience.

Climbing up Katahdin offers panoramic views of Appalachian Mountains on one side and dense forests on another side. In addition to Mount Katahdin there are several other notable mountain ranges scattered throughout Maines rugged terrain including Bigelow Mountain Range and Saddleback Mountain Range.

In winter months some mountains offer great skiing opportunities too! Maine undoubtedly offers a unique geography that makes it worth visiting – from its sprawling coastlines and charming seaside towns to its magnificent mountains – there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy.


Moose in Maine

Maine is home to one of the largest populations of moose in the United States. With an estimated population of 75,000, these majestic creatures can often be spotted along roads and near bodies of water.

Moose are adapted to live in cold environments and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. They have long legs that help them move through deep snow and their large antlers are used for both competition during mating season and as a defense against predators.

Lobster Industry

When you think of Maine, one of the first things that comes to mind is most likely lobster. In fact, over 100 million pounds of lobster are caught annually in Maine alone.

With its rocky coastline and cold waters, Maine provides the perfect habitat for this coveted crustacean. Lobster fishing has been a major industry in Maine for centuries and continues to thrive today.

Puffins on Islands

While puffins may not be as well-known as moose or lobsters when it comes to wildlife in Maine, these adorable birds can be found on some islands off the coast. Puffins have colorful beaks that help attract mates during breeding season and they spend most of their lives at sea except when they come ashore to breed. These islands provide important nesting grounds for puffins and other sea birds.

Bear Facts

In addition to moose, bears also call Maine home. The state has a sizable population of black bears that live throughout the state’s forests. Black bears are omnivores that feed on berries, nuts, insects, small mammals and even carrion when available.

Overall, if you’re an animal lover or just enjoy observing wildlife in its natural habitat then visiting Maine is definitely worth considering! Whether you spot a moose crossing the road, enjoy fresh lobster straight from the ocean, or watch puffins nesting on a seaside island, you’ll be sure to see some unforgettable sights.

History and Culture

The Horror Master of Bangor

Maine has long been known for its association with horror author Stephen King, who has spent many years living in the state. In fact, he even based his fictional town of Derry, Maine – the setting for several of his novels including “IT” and “Insomnia” – on Bangor, where he lives.

King is often seen around town walking or biking, and locals are accustomed to spotting him at the grocery store or grabbing a coffee at a local café. Fans from all over the world make pilgrimages to Bangor to see his house and other landmarks from his books.

The First Naval Battle of the American Revolution

Maine’s history isn’t just limited to fiction – it played an important role in early American history as well. The first naval battle of the American Revolution took place off the coast of Machias, Maine in 1775.

A group of colonists captured a British ship called the Margaretta in what is now known as the Battle of Machias. This early success helped inspire other colonists to rise up against British rule and played a key role in securing Maine’s reputation as one of America’s original thirteen colonies.

“The Toothpick Capital of The World”

In addition to its literary and historical significance, Maine also has some quirky claims to fame. For example, Portland was once known as “the toothpick capital of the world.” This was because two major toothpick manufacturers – Bryant & May and Diamond Match Company – were located there during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

At one point they were producing over 20 million toothpicks per day! While Portland may no longer have that particular title, it still has a thriving food scene that includes everything from seafood shacks to high-end restaurants.

Whether you’re a fan of horror novels or historic battles, Maine has something for everyone. And who knows – you might even learn something unexpected, like the fascinating history behind toothpicks!

Food and Drink

Sweet Treats: Whoopie Pies

When it comes to sweet treats, Maine has a unique contribution to offer the world: whoopie pies. These creamy-filled delights consist of two cake-like discs filled with sweet, fluffy frosting.

While the origins of the whoopie pie are somewhat disputed, many believe that it was first created by Amish bakers in Pennsylvania before making its way up to Maine. Today, you can find whoopie pies all over the state – from local bakeries to large supermarket chains.

A Soda with Attitude: Moxie

If you’re looking for a unique soda experience, Maine’s got you covered with Moxie. Created in 1876 by Dr. Augustin Thompson of Union, Maine, this carbonated drink has a distinctively bitter taste that’s not for everyone. In fact, its slogan used to be “distinctively different – almost as good as ever.” Nevertheless, Moxie has a devoted following among Mainers and visitors alike and can be found in grocery stores and restaurants throughout the state.

Berry Goodness: Blueberries

Maine is known for its wild blueberries – in fact, more than 25% of the world’s supply is grown here! The lowbush blueberry thrives in Maine’s cool climate and acidic soil conditions.

These tiny berries pack a big punch when it comes to flavor and nutrition – they’re high in antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. Whether you enjoy them fresh or baked into pies or muffins, you won’t want to miss out on this delicious local specialty during your trip to Maine.

Additional Culinary Delights

Of course, there’s much more to Maine cuisine than just whoopie pies, Moxie, and blueberries. Seafood is a major highlight for many visitors, with lobster, clams, and other shellfish being particularly popular. Maine also has a thriving craft beer scene, with breweries offering everything from IPAs to stouts to sour beers.

And if you’re looking for something more unexpected, you might want to try some fiddleheads (the curled-up shoots of young ferns) or some saltwater taffy (a sticky and sweet candy made with seawater). Whatever your tastes may be, Maine is sure to offer you some culinary adventures!

Miscellaneous Facts

The Town of Freeport is Home to L.L.Bean’s Flagship Store

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’ve probably heard of L.L.Bean. This outdoor clothing and gear retailer has been around for over a century, and its flagship store is located in Freeport, Maine.

The store is open 24 hours a day, and has everything you could possibly need for your next camping trip or hiking adventure. But L.L.Bean isn’t just a store – it’s also an important part of Maine’s history.

The company was founded by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912, and it has remained a family-owned business ever since. Today, L.L.Bean is one of the most recognizable outdoor brands in the world, and its flagship store in Freeport draws visitors from all over the country.

The World’s Largest Rotating Globe Can be Found at DeLorme Headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine

Do you love maps? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out DeLorme headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine.

This company is known for its mapping technology and products like GPS devices and atlases. But what really makes DeLorme stand out is its giant rotating globe.

The globe weighs over 5 tons and is 41 feet in diameter – making it the largest rotating globe in the world. It sits inside the company’s headquarters building, which also houses an impressive museum that showcases some of DeLorme’s other mapping innovations.

The Desert-Like Sand Dunes at Acadia National Park Were Formed by Glaciers During the Last Ice Age

When most people think of sand dunes, they probably don’t think of Maine. But Acadia National Park is home to some truly unique dunes that are worth checking out. Unlike the typical coastal sand dunes you might see in other parts of the country, these dunes look more like something you’d find in the desert.

So how did these dunes end up in Maine? The answer lies in the last ice age.

When glaciers covered much of North America, they created a unique geological landscape that can still be seen today. The sand that makes up the dunes at Acadia National Park was pushed south by glacial activity and deposited on the coast of Maine.

Over time, wind and waves shaped this sand into the impressive dunes we see today. Maine is full of interesting facts and unique features that make it an amazing place to visit.

From its impressive coastline to its abundance of wildlife and outdoor attractions, there’s something here for everyone. And whether you’re a history buff or just someone who loves maps and globes, you won’t be disappointed by some of the more offbeat attractions that can be found throughout this great state.


Maine is truly a unique state with a lot to offer for tourists and residents alike. From its stunning coastline, mountainous terrain, and diverse wildlife, there is no shortage of breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you’re a fan of lobster or blueberries, Maine has delicious local cuisine to satisfy your cravings.

The state also boasts fascinating history and culture that can be seen in its famous writers, innovative inventions, and even toothpick production. If you’re looking for an adventure-packed vacation or a peaceful getaway in nature, Maine is the perfect destination for you.

The state’s outdoor activities range from hiking the challenging but rewarding trails of Acadia National Park to whale watching excursions off the coast. In addition to nature-based activities, there are plenty of cultural attractions like museums and theaters scattered throughout the state.

One unique experience that can’t be missed in Maine is indulging in fresh seafood at one of the many local restaurants along the coast. Lobster rolls are a must-try dish while visiting Maine; it’s hard to find better lobster anywhere else!

If seafood isn’t your thing, try some other local delicacies like blueberry pie or whoopie pies. Overall, Maine’s natural beauty combined with its fascinating history and culture make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an authentic American experience.

You’ll leave with unforgettable memories and perhaps even some new perspectives on life! Whether you visit during the summer months or brave the cold winter weather, Maine will welcome you with open arms and leave you feeling enriched by all its unique offerings.