Is Mark Zuckerberg a Reptile? I am Flabbergasted

I have never imagined this before! Some wacky conspiracy theories believe that there are humans who live their lives half as lizards and half as humans. That means they are lizards in secret and takes human form in public. Mark Zuckerberg has been caught up in this sci-fi.

While I try to resist sinking into modern folktales, father of this zany conspiracy puts it even more interesting. David Icke who is a proponent of the reptilian hybrid theory has written so many books to endorse his art. He believes that all the main powerful people in the world belong to evil reptilian aliens that come to destroy the world.

Another interesting post I ever read, How to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S Government, is just amusing to think that about 12 million Americans believe in this theory. They call it interdimensional race.

What confounds me most are these theories that put the Facebook CEO as an alien. “When he turned up before the US Congress with eyes that looked unnaturally bulging and vacant, rumours began going rounds that he wore special contact lenses to hide his yellow alien ‘lizard’ pupils.”

During the same interview, some thought to themselves that Mark Zuckerberg is either an alien, a bot, or a robot with a mission to destroy democracy.

These conspiracy theories about Mark Zuckerberg erupted after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that saw many people delete their Facebook accounts fearing for their privacy and safety.

Another baffling expression that has put conspirators open-mouthed is when Mark noted he only eats meat from the animals that he has killed himself. Also, the image below erupted debate as to why he refers to people as humans. Have a look:

Zuck orders a steak

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Some conspirators would also comment on how Zuckerberg sipped water throughout the interview. Tech titan Mark caught in the flair of social awkwardness. Have a look.

It is when Mark hosted a livestream Q & A session in 2016 that he was confronted with the same question to clarify whether he was a lizard or not. The question goes, “Mark, are the allegations true that you’re secretly a lizard?” Indeed, this is a tough question to ever ask a human being. But he must have a say on that.

“I am not a lizard.” He responded!

But you know what? David Icke’s YouTube Channel has been deleted for repeatedly posting misleading information about Covid-19.