Is Ellen DeGeneres Show Cancelled? Here Are the Facts

Ellen Show have been on fire over the whole of past few weeks and some rumors got it that it has been cancelled. The show that attracts millions of audiences all over the world has been running for quite sometime now and the cancellation is something that would be a letdown for her audience and everyone that have had a part in the show.

When did Ellen Show Start?

Ellen Show started way back in 8th September, 2003, and has since grown to attract millions of subscribers with the current standing of about 40 million subscribers on YouTube.

About cancellation rumors

It’s all about the toxic work environment that has sparked the rumors about Ellen Show being cancelled and there have been such discussions over the media. The show employees protested about the working environment. One of the employees claim that Ellen DeGeneres is not the problem but the working conditions where one would be fired after taking medical leave or even bereavement days. The 10 former employees and the current one speaks the same voice about the toxic work environment, and that puts the show at risk.

Other claims portray Ellen as mean, rude and unprofessional. However, the producers of this show have come out to address this issue with utmost concern apologetically, and so to Ellen herself regretting the horrible experiences that may have befell the show employees.

In address to the cancellation rumors, executive producer Andy Lassner, has shot down these cancellation rumors saying that nobody is going off the air.

And we can say that the show has not yet been cancelled but the future of this show, if they don’t change for the better could be at stake of losing its audience or even being cancelled. However, there are some of the big reasons why Forbes think that the show would not be cancelled, and you can also have a say on the happenings around the working environment.