Top 5 Future Car Concepts that You Must See

With the continuous development and innovations in motor vehicle space, we have witnessed, and we are yet to see more autonomous and electric cars as that is the future of this industry. The futurologists predict that by 2050, cars will be electric and fully autonomous, cars will be driverless, and will feature advanced customization technologies, and adaptable craftsmanship. Some of the few amazing future car concepts that we have captured include the following:


Rolls Royce 103EX

According to Rolls Royce Company, Rolls Royce 103EX is the vision for the next 100 years. The concept is completely a pure magic-thought. This concept brings to us a self-aware and autonomous vehicle where you can enjoy the tranquility of comfort and mind.

This car is not just any other. Apart from the modern design that will fit well into the needs of the future, Rolls Royce 103EX will be powered by the zero-emission powertrain thus is an eco-friendly model ever designed. It will feature a self-pilot system and with the ability to self-drive. It also utilizes artificial intelligence aspect to make it responsive.

Mercedes Vision AVTR

I bet this is the game changer in the future of completely autonomous cars. Mercedes Vision AVTR is a partnership development by the Mercedes in collaboration with Avatar. This collaboration brings the future car that is completely unique and embodies rare vision features. Mercedes Vision AVTR comes with four electric motors, and is completely without emissions.

Mercedes Vision AVTR is fully intelligent and each wheel can be driven separately hence becomes a new benchmark for comfort, autonomy, and efficiency.

Opel Alcyone Concept 2050

For the EV lovers, this would be an awe-inspiring touch of tranquility and flexibility. It is a completely electric and autonomous car but what is even more interesting to anticipate is the concept itself. Opel Alcyone Concept 2050 is not just a car. It’s a bike as well.

Audi Aicon Concept Car

Would you imagine driving an autonomous car without steering or pedal? A car that you can drive for up to 800 Km on a single charge? Indeed, it’s super amazing concept to benchmark. The interior and exterior features with boundless customizations make it more appealing to the users. What stands out here is the ability to detect passers-by or road users with its intelligent eyes.

Bentley EXP 100 GT 2035

This innovative design will bring to light the fragrance ambience of the natural world. It is a concept that has been thought about by top-notch experts. Bentley EXP 100 GT is a grand touring car with zero pollution and uses artificial intelligence to made it adaptable to human travel needs. What stands out here is the adaptable biometric seating and cocoon mode capability.

It’s undeniable fact that motor vehicle companies are investing more in the future concepts that will transform transportation and travel. Trail by trail, we will enjoy this space.