Why You Should Pray Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is not just any other virus; it is continuing to spread as many cases are reported daily across the world. It is a time when the world should unite their efforts and prayers towards ending this pandemic.

In an attempt to stop it’s spread, most countries have taken some unfortunate measures including closing of schools, cancelling of flights, and citizens advised to stay at home. Italy is one of the countries that have taken such measures, as reported in the BBC news.

Telegraph reports different scenarios where people have run short of food in Italy due to people not going to work, sports and even elections postponed.

What are COVID-19 symptoms?

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives us the symptoms to watch as follows:

  • Fever
  • cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • Bluish lips or face  

This is what WHO says;

The Myths;

There is a reason to worry whenever you read the theories, and how the social media try to enlighten us of the virus. It is worrying but who knows; some of the things that we may think might just be myths and not the reality about COVID-19 for instance, some people think that drinking water after every 15 minutes will prevent you from contracting the disease. We know you have your myths as well, so don’t panic on the internet but instead, look for realities, stay safe, and pray against it.

With the continuing spread, there is such a need to pray against, unite efforts to fight this worrying disaster. There are even possibilities that we wish would not escalate the pandemic and such include the following:

It may spread through second hand clothes

Who knows about the second hand clothes that we buy on the market, some are imported and you have no idea who ever wore those kind of clothes, so it is may be a risk at this time to buy second hand clothes and wear them even before cleaning and disinfecting them thoroughly. If you must buy, you should do everything you can, washing at high temperatures, and perhaps if they were to spread, you can still take control.

It may shut the economies

Coronavirus a huge threat to the economy. The panic has taken a grip on investors, and we have seen the U.S Stock market suffer the worst plunge, and many ghost flights have been reported among many other cases. Coronavirus is not a friend to anyone.

Let’s all unite in the fight against this worst enemy of humanity by doing all that is required!