Top 10 Places to Live in USA (United States of America)

Life in a new city can be an exciting and daunting endeavor. There are many things you should take into account when making this big decision, like what your family’s needs will be or which destination has the highest quality of life ranking for its inhabitants (Austin).

We offer our readers with lists on top cities around each region- countrywide including West Coast urban areas as well East Coast rural ones!

Our rundown includes Midwest towns that boast strong education systems while still offering affordable housing options along with Southern metros filled up by attractive society scenes plus ample opportunities to learn something new every day.


1. Austin, Texas

Austin is a city that never sleeps. It’s home to some of the most memorable celebrations and events in Texas, like South by Southwest (or SXSW) and Austin City Limits – but it doesn’t slow down when you want it too! The population continues its rapid growth while maintaining affordability for residents.
It has one of America’s top universities as well: UT-Austin enrolls 51 000 undergrads every semester which helps make this place even more educationally inclined than other cities on our list.

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

There are many jobs in the area of Minneapolis, and they’re all available to you. Companies like UnitedHealth Group have headquarters here while Target has an office nearby as well! There’s so much more than just work going on too; if music isn’t your thing then check out one of their professional sports teams-the Twins or Vikings will suit most people great (if you can stand cold games).
If educational excellence is what gets you outta bed in the morning then take some time off from school soon: The city offers plenty for students thanks to its large selection of universities which include UMD Saint Paul and Concordia University Mpls – both ranked among top institutions.

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Youthful and educated, Raleigh is one of the quickest developing urban areas in America. It’s additionally an incredibly safe place to live with established employers such as Duke University or Walmart driving its economy – but it does lack certain amenities such as restaurants, drinking foundations and expressions for entertainment purposes per capita when compared against other major cities on our list
A youthful culture has developed over time due largely from educational institutions like North Carolina State UNIVERSITY which prepare graduates well suited towards careers at corporations located locally: Target Corporation (HQ), Bank Of America mortgage Corp., American Express Company Incorporated….UNC Hospitals Network also contribute greatly toward making this area thrive!

4. Denver, Colorado

Denver is a city that appeases both the wild and quiet person. Its mountains are close, making it easy for adventurers like me to explore them anytime I want; yet at night there’s always something happening in one part or another! Not only does Denver have incredible scenery with all these trendy coffee shops on every corner (and no shortage of beer either), but its culture helps make this place truly special – you can enjoy music festivals year-round if jazz isn’t your thing or go see an amazing play without worrying about freezing temperatures getting through winter clothes. And don’t forget how friendly everyone here really seems: whether during business hours after work when someone says ‘hello,’ whatever time they come home from vacation–you’ll find people greeting you.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of the most beautiful cities in America, and it’s also an ideal place to live. The city has seen tremendous growth since Hurricane Katrina hit over ten years ago when many buildings were destroyed or damaged – but now you can find plenty for your money thanks to job opportunities with big companies including Harrah’s New Orleans Casino & Hotel; Ochsner Health System ;and Tulane Healthcare Systems. Low cost housing isn’t always easy on resumes though so make sure that any potential employer understands how affordable living here really is by checking out our overview!

6. Boston Massachusetts

Boston is a city that’s not just known for its great monetary and social grapple but also the most established one in all of America. It was founded by Shawmut Peninsula way back 1630s, where you can find world-class colleges like MIT & Harvard – so much more than your average tourist attraction! But don’t forget about enjoying some delicious food while there; it has plenty to offer thanks to shopping malls with major department stores right at their doorsteps… And wouldn’t you know? Bostonians are amongst those who take pride on what they have accomplished here: “This town doesn’t owe anyone anything” goes an old saying from around these parts meaning if someone wants something done well, then this place welcomes you.

7. san francisco, california

San Francisco is not just an amazing city for tourists; it’s home to some of the most influential and well-known companies in America. With two major airports (SFO and OAK) as anchors, this area offers unparalleled access into Northern California’s booming economy with many Fortune 500 headquarters located here! And despite being known mainly as “the financial capital” because so much business takes place within its borders each day–San Fran has plenty else going on too: great weather year round including summertime when visitors flock from around world looking at what makes life worth living outside their own countrysides? Amazing architecture mixed up amongst rolling hills which offer stunning views no matter how high you go.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is another one of the best cities in America to live. It’s suited for those who love living life and enjoying their time while shopping or just doing things that are fun! If you want a destination with so much nightlife, dining options, gambling spaces…this place has it all plus more- there are always new places opening up every day on The Strip which offers something special for everyone visiting this city each year no matter what kind of vacationer they might be seeking out right now. You can even take part in some luxurious adventures like walking across High Roller Ferris wheel at Linq (in front).

9. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a city that ranks among the top in numerous categories, from museums and architecture to food. It’s also close enough for people who want more outdoor activities but still have easy access into bigger cities when they need it most! The people here love their life-long friends as well which only adds value not just on your visit but every day after you settle down with them too because Chicago has everything any person could ask for: fantastic shopping opportunities along Michigan Avenue; world-class art at Gompers Park Art Gallery ; breathtaking views across Navy Pier ̶ all set against an unbeatable backdrop of skyline view atop one hundred seventy foot Cloud Gate sculpture nicknamed Bean.

10. Honolulu Hawaii

When thinking about where to live in the USA, Honolulu is always an excellent choice. This city has been called home by people across America because it’s such a wonderful place! With its delicious food and traditional culture, living here will make you feel right at peace with nature while still being surrounded by all that business brings us: paved roads for cars or public transit services pick up passengers along their way into town; department stores lined up one after another like soldiers waiting on duty… It doesn’t matter whether your preference leans towards military resistance (Honolulu hosts many bases), trade agreements which bring money flowing through our shores each year from international markets ready buy anything we make–or simply relaxing under palm trees during summertime heat wave days.

The historical landmark of Honolulu is also one of the safest cities in America. There are several popular landmarks, such as USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head State Monument (a volcanic crater). If you want to enjoy nature without getting all wet then Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve should be your last stop!