Beautiful Life Quotes to Motivate Your Day

Life quotes are meant to inspire hope and rekindle that energy in you, to keep you moving towards your goal in life, and to make you see it from a positive perspective. Life quotes speaks much of the reality of every day life and experiences communicated by those who have gone ahead and achieved their goals in life.

Most of the life quotes come from sophisticated personalities that are renowned in the history, the philosophers, politicians, and teachers among other great professionals. Every quote that is communicated about life is meant to keep you on the track and to communicate some of the lessons passed from those who have had experience of different life situations and later have come to understand the meaning of life.

There are so many philosophers and teachers who have come up with different life quotes and the main objective is to give, teach, inspire, change, and bring about positive development in the human life. Some of the life quotes and sayings are meant to inspire a change of a certain behavior, or to mold a certain behavior that is acceptable in the society.

What is the value of life quotes and sayings? I have been wondering and pondering about the importance or value of passing the life quotes and sayings from one generation to another and have come to terms with the fact that, they are a powerful tool of communicating the lessons of life from the experienced to the inexperienced. Most of the life quotes come from the people who lived in the 50’s or centuries ago but they are still powerful to date.

We will take some of the few life quotes and sayings and analyze the same so that we can go deep to understand the purpose, the intention, and the power that the life quotes and sayings has on human behavior and development. The following are some of the few examples of life quotes that we captured from different personalities in the history:

  1. Marcus Aurelius: “Very little is needed for making a happy life, all is within ourselves and the way we think.” Mark Aurelius is communicating a point which is so powerful about life here. He points out that to make a happy life, you need the power from within and no external change or pressure can give you a happy life. That means it is us that we choose to be happy by the way we carry ourselves. There is so much about this quote and is so inspiring in the fact that, it opens our eyes to the reality that, happiness comes from within.
  2. Joyce Meyer: “You cannot have positive life and a negative mind.” The two are one and the same thing. Joyce Meyer’s quote points the reality that, in life, what your mind thinks, is what is conceived in your life. If you plant positive seeds, then you reap positive results. Therefore, the mind is the generator of either bad or good. What you will harvest in life is what your mind conceives.
  3. Steve Jobs: “Sometimes life hits you with the brick on the head, do not lose your faith.” Steve Jobs is one of the strongest men in the history and an inspiration for success to many. He is a model to be emulated and this life quote is just an encouragement for many who want to stay still in their path of success without losing faith. He points out that life can be harassing, unpleasant, and full of everything that should make you to give up or lose focus. However, he ends by a powerful message, don’t lose faith. Of course, this is an ingredient for every success. In other words, he is emphasizing on the importance of perseverance if you are to live a life of success.

Of course, this was not meant to be a list of the life quotes and sayings but rather to point out the fact that, life quotes can be a source of inspiration for many who are in between the rock and a hard place and perhaps contemplating of giving up in their lives.

Life quotes comes as a source of hope every morning you wake up feeling frustrated with life and you are hit with the reality that, life is not a walk in the park, it is full of challenges and every obstacle is on the way.

There is a quote that I like about success and is related to life. It points out the fact that, “the road to success is still under construction.” That means, in life, success is not a highway walk or drive, you must pass through the impassable, ups and downs, escarpments, and all the hurdles to achieve your success.

In conclusion, life is all about knowing your purpose and living it. regardless of the obstacles, you should always stay positive. Never lose faith. Never lose hope. Hope is the fuel that will always remind you that you are one step to your success and is the energy that you need for that step. Therefore, live your life positively.